Packaging options:

20 liters

205 liters


G-Special Hydraulic Nord-32 is high performance hydraulic fluid designed for use in applications subjected to extremely low ambient temperatures such as mining or forestry applications in arctic or exposed areas. It is based on specially selected PAO base oils and advanced additive technology to provide long oil life, reduced shear rate and minimized deposit formation in hydraulic systems operating in severe cold conditions.

-Excellent low temperature performance. Low temperature pumpability reduced time from start-up to production. Excellent protection for components during extreme cold temperature operation.
-High viscosity index and good shear stability. Enhanced to help provide the required oil film to protect parts, over a long service life.
-Oxidation resistance. Resist the formation of acidic products and sludge.
-Excellent anti-wear properties. Proven additives help to reduce wear and protects pumps and components for extended equipment life.
-Rapid air release. Quick air release without excessive foaming and reduce cavitation to prolong engine life.
-Good compatibility with seal materials. Reduced leakage, oil consumption and contamination entering helping to reduce maintenance, extend equipment reliability and higher productivity.

-Hydraulic and fluid power transmission systems operating in extremely low ambient temperatures. Systems that must be started-up at extremely low temperatures, with a subsequent temperature increase during operation.
-Mobile hydraulic units (construction, mining, quarrying, logging).
-Stationary hydraulic equipment operating outdoors in extremely cold climate.

Specifications and Approvals:
-DIN 51524 PART 3