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20 liters

205 liters


G-Special Hydraulic HVLP range designed to meet the highest requirements of hydraulic equipment manufacturers. Formulated from high-quality solvent refined mineral oils, as well as in combination with synthetic base oils, with thoroughly selected high quality multi-purpose additives, G-Special Hydraulic HVLP oils deliver outstanding wear resistance, oxidation stability, and anticorrosion protection; offer excellent foam protection and demulsifying properties.
This range features high viscosity and temperature stability, good shear resistance and filterability providing extended service life of oil under high pressure conditions over operating temperature range.

-Multigrade Oil. High viscosity index of these oils ensure their optimal performance at high and low temperatures protecting equipment in a wide operating temperature range of – 40° С/+80°С – depending on the viscosity grade.
-Wear Resistance. High efficiency additive system includes EP compound, which prolongs equipment service life. The feature is essencial for oils used in geared, vane, radial and axial piston pumps. Additives are absorbed onto metal surface to prevent metallic contact and reduce friction and wear.
-Oxidation Stability. Enable high temperature operation free of lacquer deposits.
-Thermal Stability. Chemical composition stability retained through out the operating period does not dissolve at high temperatures and keeps the system clean.
-Hydrolytic Stability. Ensure high corrosion protection of yellow metals even in case of water contamination as the oils do not form acidic products when reacts with water.
-Good demulifying and antifoaming properties. Promote rapid water separation and breakdown of foam, preventing increased oil compression, lubricating and cooling capacity reduction; allow for the reduction of oil collector size.
-Filterability. Oxidation resistance an d chemical stability of additives help avoid filter plugging and allow for superior filterability of the oils.

-Hydraulic and fluid power transmission systems operating in wide variations of temperature
-Off highway industries including: construction, mining, quarrying, logging, municipal machinery
-Stationary hydraulic equipment operating outdoors
-Hydraulic pumps by wide range of manufacturers, including Denison, Cincinnati Machine, Eaton Vickers, Bosch Rexroth

-DIN 51524 PART 3
-ISO 11158 HV (ISO 32, 46, 68)
-MAG P-68 (ISO 32)
-MAG P-70 (ISO 46)
-MAG P-69 (ISO 68)
-DENISON HF-0,1,2 (ISO 32, 46, 68)
-BOSCH REXROTH RDE 90235 (ISO 22, 32, 46)
-BOSCH REXROTH RE 90220-01 (ISO 68)