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1 liter


G-Motion 2T is high performance low ash oil designed for two-stroke gasoline engines. It is specially designed for land based air-cooled two-stroke engines that are used in motorcycles, chainsaws, lawnmowers and other gardening equipment. G-Motion 2T provides clean engine and environmental performance. It helps to prevent clogging of ports, ring sticking, and spark plug fouling. Mixing with the fuel should be in accordance with the anufacturer’s recommendations.

-Cleaner combustion and reduced deposits in combustion area. Reduces plug fouling and exhaust port deposits help to minimize pre-ignition and extend spark plug and valve life
-Smoke-free exhaust. Cleaner environment
-High temperature deposits control. Cleaner engines resulting in reduced ring sticking and cylinder scuffing, and extended engine life
-Good high and low temperature performance. Wide range of ambient temperature application

-High performance land based air-cooled two-stroke engines
-Two-stroke engines where JASO FD (or lower) oils are recommended
-Motorcycles, go-karts, snowmobiles
-Lean oil/fuel ratio chain saws, lawnmowers and other gardening equipment

Specifications and Approvals: