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G-Energy Service Line GMO 5W-30 ( 5W30 ) is a all-season fully synthetic last generation motor oil for
gasoline and diesel engines of cars and light trucks.
G-Energy Service Line GMO 5W-30 ( 5W30 ) is a specialized product developed in accordance with the
requirements of GM group (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Daewoo, Holden, Opel, Vauxhall,
SAAB) for gasoline and diesel engines with extended service interval.

-Provide reliable lubrication of friction pairs even at long operation under conditions of
maximum speed and loads
-Due to advance technology detergent dispersant additives provide and maintain cleanliness
of the engine during the entire service life
-High temperature stability provide steadiness of properties and extension of oil drain interval
-Low oil consumption
-Possesses perfect low temperature properties which allow the provide splendid oil circulation
under conditions of low temperatures
-Contributes effectiveness of emission reduction system

-Intended for gasoline and diesel engines (with particulate filters, with or without turbocharger)
manufactured by GM, in which dexos-2 specification lubricants are required
-Oils dexos-2 can replace the oils of earlier GM/Opel specifications (GM-LL-A-025 and GM-LLB-025)
-Recommended for engines which require 5W-30 ( 5W30 ) viscosity and compliance with API SN/CF
and ACEA C3
-Recommended for application in cars of Mercedes-Benz brand which require 229.51
specification oil, cars of BMW, which require Longlife-04 specification oil, и Volkswagen,
which require VW 502 00 / 505 00 /505 01 specification oil.
-Suitable for any type of fuels: gasoline, diesel, E85 LPG and CNG

Specifications and Approvals:
-MB-Approval 229.51
-approved under VW Standard 502 00, VW Standard 505 00 and VW Standard 505 01
-BMW Longlife-04