Packaging options:

5 liters

205 liters


Ethylene glycol coolant designed to protect engine and cooling system against frost, overheating, corrosion and cavitation. The coolant is valid for three years, or in accordance with recommendations of automotive OEMs.
It delivers long-term protection against frost and corrosion; it is recommended for use in engines containing cast iron or aluminum part, as well as in aluminum cooling systems.

-Extends service life – through synergetic additive composition
-Reduces downtime – thermostat, heat radiator and water pump
-Reliability – excellent corrosion inhibition
-Hard water stability – no silicates or phosphates
-Mixed vehicle fleet convenience – one coolant for both cars and trucks

-Car, truck, bus and stationary engines of both ferrous and aluminum construction
-G-Energy Antifreeze NF Concentrate must be diluted prior to be used as recommended by vehicle manufacturer (see dilution chart).
-For preparation of the coolant it is recommended to use distilled or deionized water. Tap water can be used when not excessively hard.

Specifications and Approvals:
-MB 325.0
-MAN 324 NF
-Jenbacher TA-Nr.1000-0201
-ASTM D3306
-ASTM D4985
-SAE J1034
-BS 6580:2010
-AS 2108-2004
-AFNOR SNF R15-601
-CUNA NC 956-16
-ÖNORM V 5123
-SANS 1251:2005
-SH 0521-1999
-Skoda TL 774-C (G-11)
-BMW N 600 69.0
-TLV 23009 A
-MAN B&W List 3.3.7
-Maybach 325.0
-MINI (BMW) N 600 69.0
-MTU MTL 5048
-General Motors B 040 0240 Porsche 924, 928, 944, 968
-Rolls-Royce (built as from 1998)
-Saab 6901599
-Smart 325.0
-Tesla (vehicles built as from 2013)
-Van Hool
-Volvo Car 1286083 Issue 002
-Volvo Truck (vehicles built up until 2005)
-Liebherr Machines Bulle TLV 035