Packaging options:

1 liter

5 liters

20 liters

205 liters


G-Garden Chain&Bar is premium quality adhesive oil designed to lubricate chain, bar guide and drive sprocket on chain saws. It is formulated with high quality mineral base oils and special additives to optimize performance and provide good wear protection and resistance to foaming. G-Garden Chain&Bar is suitable for use with all types of chain saws equipped with either hand-operated or automatic oilers.

-Extra tackiness. High treat levels of tackiness additive lead to better retention of oil on the chain bar and drive sprockets.
-Wear protection. Effective anti-wear agents reduce wear in the critical areas and optimize the life of the saw and its chain.
-Active cleaning agents. Special additives reduce the pitch build-up on the chain and drive sprocket, thereby reducing maintenance and down-time.
-Protection against rust and corrosion. Increased chain and guide bar life and reduced maintenance costs.
-Low pour point. Good flow ability even at low operating temperatures for higher efficiency.

-Chain saw bar and chain lubrication.
-Guide bars and sprockets.
-G-Garden Chain&Bar is not designed as chain saw engine lubricants; it could lead to serious wear and engine failures.