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Lithium soap based automotive grease containing molybdenum disulphide and progressive anti-welding additives, is designed to lubricate CVJs and other high-load parts of light and heavy vehicles. This multi-purpose grease is used in:
-constant velocity joints
-cardan joints
-axle pivot bolsters

-Outstanding extreme pressure properties. Reduced wear under heavy or shock loading and vibrations for equipment protection and extended life under severe operating conditions
-Excellent mechanical stability. Resistance to grease softening with subsequent loss of lubrication performance and leakage
-Excellent water and corrosion resistance. Extended equipment life in wet environments for reduced bearing costs and unexpected downtime
-Very good thermal and oxidation stability. High resistance to temperature variations helps extend grease life and reduce maintenance costs

-Constant Velocity (CV) and Universal Joints in automotive applications where a heavy duty, high load carrying grease is required
-Particularly recommended for bucket pins, fifth wheels, ball joints, king pins where molybdenum disulphide provides an extra level of protection where sliding friction and oscillating motion can lead to rupturing of the oil film, resulting in metal to metal contact

Specifications and Approvals:
-DIN 51502 KPF 2 K-30